Rest Easy: Update! 2

We are very excited to announce some changes to our Rest Easy program. As of June 1, 2014, the Rettland Foundation will be providing financial assistance to families with two different programs.


Rest Easy, our program for assistance with the screening visit is growing to include:

  • Up to $150/ night for hotel
    • 1 night if within 5 hours travel time
    • 2 nights if travel exceeds 5 hours travel time
  • $50 per day allowance for food/incidentals
  • available for any clinical trial exclusively enrolling girls with Rett Syndrome in the United States
  • based on availability of funds and the discretion of the board of directors
  • click here to apply


IMG_0896Chloe’s Fund, our new program for financial assistance:

Named after Chloe, who relentlessly advocates for everyone in Rettland. She holds lemonade stands so that everyone’s sister can play with them one day. It is her dream that everyone would be able to be in a clinical trial regardless of their ability to pay.

  • available to those that are enrolled in any clinical trial exclusively enrolling girls with Rett Syndrome
  • based on geography, economic need and availability of funds
  • required to apply with Miracle Flights and other similar organizations prior to determination
  • click here to apply

We are a very new organization and have limited funds to start. We will do our best to prioritize and meet as much of the need as we can. If you would like to donate or know anyone who would like to help add to this fund please click on over to One of the most beautiful parts of being in Rettland is networking together and this is a great way to get involved if you are unable to participate in a clinical trial.

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