Police In Pursuit

September 25, 2015 at Ocean Speedway Police In Pursuit “better halves” will be racing to raise money for Rett syndrome. Get involved today, click the the name of your favorite driver to go to their donation page.

Scotts Valley Police Department

Stephanie Hohmann driving #01 1994 Plymouth Acclaim
Rachaell Milroy driving #02 1991 Toyota Corolla

Capitola Police Department
Jodi Sloma driving #13 1998 BMW

Watsonville Police Department
Sam Traub driving #33 Ford Crown Victoria

Task Force
Jennifer Parker driving #5 1977 Chevy Camero

Santa Cruz Police Department
Leanna Vasquez driving #22 1994 Pontiac Firebird
Dominique Hohmann driving #23 1984 Ford Thunderbird

Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office
Marisa MacDonald driving #50 2005 Ford Crown Victoria

California Highway Patrol
Serina Jones driving #720 2013 Ford Explorer

About Claire

53Claire is a 4th grader at Brook Knoll Elementary, she has the best neighbors in the world (Stephanie and John Hohmann) and a rare genetic disorder, Rett syndrome. She was born a healthy little girl that loved to laugh and play. After her first birthday, she couldn’t pull to stand. By the time she was 2 doctors discovered she had Rett syndrome. Soon after that she fed herself for the last time and quickly lost all hand use as well as the ability to speak. While there is currently no treatment for Rett syndrome, with recent research there is great hope that can change soon.

The Rettland Foundation helps reduce the financial burden of participating in trials and seeks to support families in this challenging process. Rettland Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible, our Tax ID is 46-4291837