Will you NOT SPEAK with us?

Choose how you want to join in the fun:

$10 donation- We will mail you 3 stickers to wear and 20 cards to hand out along with a prompt sheet so you can grab some friends and actively go NOT SPEAK in your community.

$30 donation- Host your own NOT SPEAKING event! Are you a regular at a favorite restaurant? Do you own or work at a shop? Do you meet with a book club, have dinner with friends? We will send you everything you need to host a not speaking event.


For either of these options, please use our paypal button and indicate Not Speaking for the in honor of field.

Why are we NOT SPEAKING?

We recognize that the majority of girls with Rett syndrome are unable to speak their minds, but we are NOT SPEAKING in recognition of the families who are silently participating in vital clinical research. These families are traveling quietly to research facilities and making huge sacrifices along the way. They are putting in the time and effort that lead to big news, once all is said and done.

We want to raise awareness of this – the silence that goes along with clinical trials, for the benefit of everyone – and to raise funds to support these families and make their participation in life-changing research a little easier.

Thank you for joining us in profoundly quiet discussion.