The Why

IMG_1330A lot has happened here at the Rettland Foundation since we came on the scene in spring 2014. We started with a little money and helped a few families with just one night in a hotel. As word spread of what we were doing people started to donate and because of this we have been able to expand the help we provide and include families in both of the current clinical trials.

We are hearing from families that it is a lot easier to travel with their children when they aren’t having to also worry about money. For some families participating in a clinical trial for their daughter was only a dream that seemed out of reach but with help from the Rettland Foundation it became a reality.

It is that simple. Having financial support helps.

What these families are doing is changing the story of Rett Syndrome. They are making words like “treatment” a reality and giving hope to many. They are doing that right now.

This is why we need your help. In October we will be asking people to NOT SPEAK for 1 hour. We want to honor the families that are making sacrifices and making this research reality. We want people to think about WHY we are so dedicated to changing the story for Rett Syndrome.

Would you help us with this?

We are trying to raise funds by selling NOT SPEAKING kits and at the same time equip people to go out and share why we are doing this. If you would like to join in you can order your kit today. If you would rather support us my making a general donation that would also be greatly appreciated.

Families are traveling to trials for treatments. That is why we are doing what we are doing, it matters and it is making a difference.


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